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Film: Peekaboo

Basically. I was thinking about a few posts but then I got a stonking, awful cold which has completely wiped me out. And those posts have suffered the effects of a head stuffed full of cotton and pretty much disappeared. Oh well.

Film: Salisbury

So I’ll just freeflow this post. These photos are film photos, taken on a Diana Mini. This is a fun little camera. There’s 2 settings, it’s tiny, plastic and pretty much guarantees the need for a sense of humor and adventure when shooting. As if film wasn’t enough of an adventure. This little camera calls for more.

Film: Salisbury

And the results are fun. Some are surprisingly great, others are unsurprisingly ok. On the day these pictures back in September were taken I think I was just out of the hot pink cast and had just gone into the aircast. I couldn’t walk yet but it was the first time in a while that I had felt like going out. J. often walks this little path through Salisbury and on this warm, sunny day, he pushed me in a wheelchair while I got some fresh air and took pictures.

Film: Salisbury

Breaking my foot was a life changer, for sure. I’ve talked about how it made me rethink stuff and the idea of simplicity which were good things. But it also took things away from me. Photography has definitely suffered. I mean, thank goodness for the iPhone because I’ve been able to keep using Instagram. And the Leica AF-C1 has been used quite a lot. It’s lightweight and nearly completely automatic so I could shoot with it while on crutches or in a chair. I managed to shoot a roll on the Behemoth around the house. My DSLR though, is languishing.

Film: Sunlight

I love my DSLR. It’s where I always feel the most comfortable, the most aware of the world around me. So not having used it seriously in 6 months has been hard. I miss it. However, I’ve made choices to get me through – ie: iPhone and the lighter weight, easier to use film cameras. Now that I’m (slowly) getting back to being able to move around, there’s a decision to be made.

Film: Salisbury

I miss my DSLR. I miss shooting beautiful photos with fantastic lenses and an awesome camera. I miss being able to process the photos right away, not waiting until I have enough rolls of film to necessitate a trip to the developer. I miss the immediacy of digital, the ability to make a mistake if I need to without thinking of how much that frame is going to cost for a bum shot. But I don’t have anything to take pictures of. Not anymore.

Film: Shade

Like a lot of people, knitting got me back into proper photography. I’m not knitting. In fact, I’m planning on getting rid of a sizeable chunk of my knitting “stuff” because even if/when I can knit again, I don’t want it to be such a huge part of my daily life. I’m beyond tired of taking the same photos of inside the house every year for a different 365/Year In Pictures project. But I’m also tired of having to take pictures when I leave the house, that expectation that I’m out somewhere cool and must. take. pictures. Sometimes I just don’t want to. Sometimes I do.

Film: Salisbury

Film has been a great way to rejuvenate my lagging photography passion. It’s more thoughtful and careful. The cost of developing is always in the back of my mind, especially on a 120 roll which costs over £1 a frame to develop and scan. I really wanted to love Polaroid photography. I took a Polaroid to the prom, for crying out loud. It’s a format I’ve always really loved. But… I wasn’t sold. It didn’t feel right. And that’s where I’m stuck. What feels right isn’t what I have been doing, both before the broken foot changed my ability to take pictures and during. Now that it’s after… how to get the passion back. Streamline the camera collection to include only the cameras that feel right? Just shoot film? Try the whole Polaroid thing again with a SX-70 (because those are the be all and end all of Polaroids, apparently)? Go cold turkey on the iPhone and force myself to pick up a “proper” camera whenever I feel the urge to photograph something?

I don’t know. It’s something I need to work out though. Especially as with less stuff as distraction and less pursuit of acquiring new stuff, I’m really noticing the lack of creativity.

Creative slumps, eh?

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  1. It seems as though you are in the squeeze between the two. All that means is soon, very soon you will know what is right for you. Sometimes I’ll close my eyes and try and picture myself out in the world…where am I and what camera am I carrying? Silly, but it works for loads of things.
    I have this dilemma often. The iPhone though easy and fun doesn’t compare to the “real” camera. What I’m finding for myself though is there might be room for both. There might be times when one feels more right than another. There may be times to intentionally NOT have a camera with you. The point is if today you had to pick between all those cameras what would be your top three? Then remember that it’s supposed to be fun. A simple fact that I remind myself of all the time. Good luck!
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    • This helped so much! I visualized my favorite 3 and easily found 3 cameras I’m willing to let go of.

  2. I’ve often thought of getting a couple ‘unique’ cameras (meaning not standard film or DSLR) because I think I would love the challenge of using them to capture a moment in a way that is not typical. But this post made me think about that some more. I own and love only 2 cameras (one film, one DSLR) and they aren’t in my hands nearly enough. Why add more cameras to that mix when right now I have no hopes of finding the time to use them. With that said, your love of photography and of trying out new cameras has been evident since the first post I read in your space. I hope that you won’t decide to get rid of cameras now, when that decision seems to be based more in frustration with your continued use of crutches than anything else. I’m all for simplifying and de-cluttering and so forth…but I also believe that for things that you love and things that bring so much joy in ones life…those things shouldn’t have to withstand the force of ‘de-clutter’. Put those extra cameras in a box in the closet until you can walk unaided again. I’m betting that you’ll be glad you did.

    • I see what you’re saying but I’m not using cameras I really, really love because I’m using what’s easy. And while there’s a place for that, there’s also a place for pushing through easy to get to the good.

      However, I recommend a fun camera. Takes the pressure off trying to be proper about photography.