Morris Dancing

Now here’s an interesting particularly British phenomenon: morris dancing. Apparently it is done all over the world but I have never seen anyone in LA doing it. So.

June 3: 154/365

Morris Dancing

Morris Dancing

Basically, it’s dancing. Kind of. And there’s sticks and/or handkerchiefs and/or hoops. And bells on the shoes. And…yeah. Morris dancing. Up there with Marmite for things I don’t quite get the love of.

Jubilee weekend well underway. Street parties are going on, fireworks, an overabundance of bunting which will probably come in very handy this summer. Euro 2012, London Olympics… it’s a very patriotic summer.

(Speaking of patriotic, notice the woman in the US flag shirt in the second picture? Love that.)

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  1. Morris dancing is actually *huge* in Boston; I know three groups of mostly-teenagers, even.