Standby, Rolling, Action

Prepare to feel the wrath of the League of Evil Exes…er, for lots of yarn blobs. Because yarn blobs are all I’ve got.

Link Soup:

- An impossibly powerful neutron star. Cool beans!
- An absolutely beautiful wedding. It made me cry.
- Awesome photos: Foggy Albion.
- Instagram-Style Photoshop Actions here.
- This: The Human Library project in Toronto.

Health: Flare still bad. Even worse because yesterday I went to the chiropractor (OW) and then went and stood around in the rather cold city of Winchester (OWOWOW). So. Ow.


The needs-blocking brigade:


A teal blob.

Sunshine On A Rainy Day Shawl

A yellow blob.

Shut Up And Drive

A red blob.


Secret Knitting Project #1

A beige blob.

Everblue Cardigan

A blue blob.


Currently: Girl on the Run by Jane Costello.

This week:

- Delirium by Lauren Oliver. YA dystopia. DISLIKE. So many things peeved me about this book. Lack of internal story logic, a stupid, weak and useless MC who is supposed to be all powerful and a rebel, unconvincing world building and a bunch of other things that I’ll save you from hearing.

- Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. YA vamps. This on the other hand, was awesome. Fantastic worldbuilding, although as a spin off series from Vampire Academy she’s had 6 books to get it right. Great characters reappear like Rose, Dimitri, Jill, Sydney and Adrian plus new ones. Good stand alone story but I’m glad I read the VA series first.

Watching: (Sorry for the terrible iPhone shots – this is what happens when you forget to change batteries in your camera.)

Film Set Up

April 20: 111/365

Late Night Film Shoot

Late Night Film Shoot

Late Night Film Shoot

Late Night Film Shoot

Les Miserables being filmed in Winchester. It was cold, damp and A-lister free (they waited until all the mere mortals went home). Still, it was silly.

And now, I recover. Have a great weekend.

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  1. ooh, I love all the blobs! I have ordered some tosh sock in Baltic for a shawlette for my cousin. now all I wish for is some quiet, cool, rainy days at home and lots of time to knit in it.

    Sending you some of my extra lives, hoping for end of flare soon.
    melissa recently posted..Rhubarb, at lastMy Profile