Monday Film: The Coffee Version

At Starbuckia with knitting friends:

March 27: 87/365

March 28: 88/365

At home for make your own:

March 29: 89/365

At Sbux (again, different city this time but since they are entirely universal it is hard to tell):

March 31: 91/365

March 30: 90/365

Non-coffee bonus Monday photos in Winchester:

April 1: 92/365

Love how this turned out.

April 2: 93/365

This restaurant has pork buns. Mmm…pork buns.

Top 3: Leica AF-C1, Lucky Super 200 film.
The rest: Canon AE-1 Program, Kodak Portra 160 VC film.

You can REALLY see a difference in film. All hail Portra. Awesome stuff.

Happy Monday.

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